KIDZTOWN MINISTRY supports and resources parents with spiritual growth opportunities for children from birth to 6th grade. The following groups meet on Sundays for lessons and fellowship.

Nursery (6 weeks – 2 years) – Nursery care is provided during the Sunday gatherings at 9:00 am and 10:15 am to meet the needs of the family. Pagers are issused to parents/guardians of children two years and younger. You can then join an Adult Bible Fellowship group and worship knowing that if you are needed, you will be paged.


Early Childhood (3 years – Kindergarten) – As early as age 2, children are able to begin developing their moral and spiritual foundation. With this knowledge we help parents introduce God to these “little ones” in a way they can understand. We share with them that there is one God who loves them very much. Using songs and interactive lessons, we are able to support parents in laying a foundation for their spiritual development.

– Sundays, during the 9:00 discipleship hour, these children participate in age-group lessons. During the 10:15 worship hour, they participate in Kinder Worship.


Elementary (1st – 6th grades)

Sunday School- 9:00am Sunday Morning
Through teaching and the loving concern of teachers and parents, it is our desire for children to arrive at the teen years with a solid foundation of God’s word “hidden in their heart.” As critical years for reinforcing their faith, we want to help parents enable these children to interperet and respond to their world in a way that is consistent with God’s ways and taught to us in the Bible. In Sunday School we help equip children with scriptures from the Word of God, helping them to understand that they were made and fashioned by the hand of God, and to encourage them to have a personal relationship with the Lord.

Kid’s Own Worship – 10:00 am Sunday Morning
Kid’s Worship is a celebration just for kids! With songs, stories and a message from God’s Word, it’s a great time for 1st-6th grade students. On the 2nd Sunday of the month, we also have a Passport Sunday when they learn about how God is working all around the world. On the 4th Sunday of the month, we have Family Sunday. On these days, the kids participate in corporate worship with their families.

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